I am a technology reporter at BuzzFeed News based in San Francisco, California. My beat covers cybersecurity, digital privacy, and fraud on Amazon.

I’ve written about Amazon’s fake review economy, how app developers secretly sell your location data, previously unreported security flaws, and why tech companies are all-in on the battle for your voice.

You can find all of my work on my BuzzFeed author page.

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Have information or tips on a story that’s not getting covered, but should be? You can send me an email at nicole.nguyen at buzzfeed dot com.

You can also reach me via text on the encrypted chat service Signal at 415-943-0446. Or via secure email using the PGP key found here.

When I’m not  at a computer, I’m probably outside swimming, skiing, biking, or backpacking. Send me a note with your outdoors-ing or Vietnamese food recs to my personal email: nicomnguyen at gmail dot com.